Temper Tantrums

Taming the Temper Trantrum goes into detail why a child “throws” temper tantrums in public. Your child is tired, hungry, thirsty, or overwhelmed. If I felt that way, I would show a reaction too.
I think that fitful children may even be bored & sick and tired of running around doing errands with mom or dad.
What’s the solution? I believed in sharing our sweet children with my husband. He got to stay home with the children while I shopped. Pure bliss for both me and the kids. Also, my husband never asked me what I did all day.

Kids Learn How to Fight From Their Parents

How we fight with our spouse is reflected in our family’s personality. Children, who come from homes where the parents fight and dominate in an aggressive way, fight in an hierarchical way. Basically, the older children tend to bully the younger children. It is normal though for siblings to fight, but not for the conflict to get out of hand.
Find out more at From Spats to Brats

Montessori Similarities Between Puberty and Preschool

Montessori believed that the middle school years were not unlike the preschool years in development. She thought that you should baby your child during the early teen years because of the incredible changes in his or her body. Unlike traditional schools, Montessori believed middle school aged children should take some time off from the rigors of academics. Instead they should pursue the arts, drama, music, shop, home ec, farming, outward bound activities and what ever interested them. Academics should be not pushed at this delicate age.
Modern science has recently discovered that the brain grows like a preschoolers brain during middle school years. Here is an interesting article about the newest discovery about the gray matter growht, This is Your Brain As a Teen – Brain Sculpture 101

Teachers’ Kids go to Private Schools

When I decided to home school my children, the only person who really encouraged me was my sister, who is a public school teacher. She knew first hand how broken the public school system is in our district. It’s amazing how many teachers nationwide send their children to private schools. Pulic schools no place for teachers’ kids shows a candid look at the public school system. It’s interesting how many teachers feel the public school system is not fit for their children.

Hand Work- Crafts for Kids

Montessori classrooms encourage hand work for their students. Knitting is a wonderful craft and a hands on intellectual experience. Each time you knit, you really are tying a knot.
Knitting introduces basic math and geometry. When knitting, you have to divide stitches, add stitches, and subtract stitches. Also, the strings of yarn turn into geometric shapes.
There is a branch of math called knot theory, so let your children keep on tying knots.

Visit wiki.montessorimom.com for great links for finger knitting, knot tying, and knitting.

Stress and Your Child

Stress is such a large part of our world. Children even have daily planners to keep track of their buys lives. Is Stress beneficial or destructive?
How parents help their children cope with stress can make all difference. Stress in Children: What It Is, How Parents Can Help by Sabine Hack, M.D. is a great article.

Help your child with homework, and let them have time to let down and play. Even going on errands and shopping with you can add to their stress level. Keeping your home a sanctuary for your children is the best thing you can do to help them cope with life.