Thanksgiving Tracing

Use these free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for tracing activities. Tape the Coloring Page on a table, tape over the Coloring Page with tracing paper. Provide pencil, colored pencils or crayons for tracing. The Simple Pumpkin page and Cornupocia page are realistic illustrations.
This activity is another drawing activity that you can do to complement Montessori’s metal insets.

Native Costumes

Brilliant Star Montessori School has a thrilling idea to use native costumes and dance to introduce culture. Parents even provided cultural mini seminars for the children.

I love the idea of using pageantry, dance and drama to show the excitement of culture. If you look back into your ancestry, you can find native costumes that would introduce culture to your children. My mother has a Norwegian costume from her provence, Rogaland, that was used for every special occasion. Women used them as wedding gowns, party dresses, and formal wear. Every area in Norway has a unique dress and you can tell where a person comes from by looking at their costume.

This would be a fun idea for homeschooling families too.