Free Language Site

Learn Languages on Line-free! has French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandrian Chinese, Arabic, German, Russian and Japanese lessons. French is the traditional second language in many Montessori schools, but you can teach any language. Pick a second language that your students may have the greatest chance of using. For example, I introduced Spanish in Colorado because it is the second most spoken language.

Montessori farm

The Hershey Montessori Farm School is designed for middle school children. Not everyone has this farming, outdoor environment, but you still use some of their ideas for your middle school student. Test ponds and waterways in your hometown or your own tap water, join 4-H, Scouting provides many opportunities to study our environment, or just make your own mini farm in your backyard or in your home.

Consider Your Child’s Talent

While shopping this season for your child, consider what your child likes to do. Toys that develop talents and hobbies are the best gifts. Montessori experimented with different toys and educational equipment to see what children liked. Children actually developed the Montessori toys and approach through Dr. Montessori’s observations!
Here is a fun quiz to figure out your chid’s talent.