PBS-Raising Cain

I’m definitely going to watch “Raising Cain” tonight on PBS.
I am so concerned about the education of boys in the United States.
Before I homeschooled my son, there was a subtle, but consistent negative attitude about boys.
My husband is a feminist and was horrified when he found out the playground monitor was always labeling the boys as “bad” “can’t listen” and so on.
It was the one of the few times he called the school to complain. I am sure they thought he was a nut.
The second time he called is when my daughter won an award for the “best smile.”
He knew she was the best math student and didn’t want some submissive label attached to her.
Anyway, I read some of the excerpts from Raising Cain : Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys and it takes to heart that boys have an inner life that we need to see and recognize.

My son is now in college and it is interesting to note that over 60 percent of the students are women. It’s alarming that boys are doing worse academically than they were 10 years ago. It’s time to turn on the TV.

Sight Reading VS Phonetics

Montessori is phonetics based for reading. Sight reading is used to understand some words, such as “the” and exceptions to the rules. Linda Schrock Taylor explains in detail what happens when you teach only by sight, you plateau at the 4th grade level of reading. Wow!

I remember taking a speed reading class in high school where I learned that the average American reads at the fifth grade level. Since this was well into the era of sight reading, I am no longer surprised by this fact.

Montessori was always looking for the concrete building blocks for math, reading and science. It’s amazing how she knew about 100 years ago that phonics was the way to teach reading.