Kids Publishing

Kids Pub is a great idea for encouraging kids to write and publish. For a one time fee of 6.95 your children can have the opportunity to publish their written works. This might be the answer for children who need motivation to write. Writing is also a great way to encourage reading skills too.

Touch and Feel Books

Toddlers and older babies love touch and feel books. It’s a great way to introduce the love of reading using the sense of feeling and touching. It’s interactive and hands on too. Montessori noticed that children learn with their senses during the first years of their lives, so touch and feel books are perfect.
Here are some fun touch and feel books you can make.
Here are some more ideas.

Thanksgiving Fun

Here are some fun Thanksgiving crafts, hats and fun projects.

Make Pilgrim Hats and Crafts has lots of Thanskgiving links.
Yahooligans has great links for games, activities, crafts and recipes for kids.

We are Thankful
has great practical life ideas, activities and preschool lessons. I like the Food and Seed Picture Match. Most Excellent! When introducing new material to you child, use the Montessori approach, the 3 period lesson

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First Montessori Books

Toddlers love books about real things in their surroundings. One of my babies favorite books was a picture dictionary. Young children love looking at things that are real. We actually wore the picture dictionary out from use!
You can purchase one or make a scrap book picture dictionary. Find and cut out pictures, past them onto the pages and label them. Go through the book and point to the picture and say the word. Later your baby will point and tell you the name of the picture.