Labeling for the Holidays

Montessori labeled items in the environment to teach reading and spelling. It’s a nice change to label some of your Holiday decorations. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, label the tree, nativity scene (barn, Mary, manger, Jesus, Joseph, sheperd, angel, Wise Men, lamb, donkey, camel, ox and so on)
lights, candles, gingerbread house and what ever special items you display.
Your children will love doing this lesson.

Buying Calendars-

It’s that time of the year to choose new calendars for 2007. When purchasing calendars, buy 2 or 3 that are alike. After using them you can make 3 part cards Choose calendars with a theme, such as flowers, wild life, landforms, and so on. Also, sometime free calendars have beautiful illustrations!

Here are some more ideas and print outs for nomenclature and classified cards-
Parts of brain and tooth
Extra Photographs

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