Who’s Your Best Friend?

That’s a simple question to answer-my daughter!
From the time she was little to now, we have had great times together cooking, sewing and just having a cup of tea together.
She’s my mentor with my blogs and website. There wouldn’t be a montessorimom.com without her!
Most of all, I just like hanging with her.

Talking-Frst Lesson

When introducing new words, objects, ideas and concepts Montessori used a method called the three period lesson. For example, talking to your baby is a natural way parents instinctively introduce language with meaning -which is the first period lesson.

The first lesson is demonstrated when you introduce a new word with an object. For example, point or hold a ball and say the word “ball.” When you talk to your baby and show her items around the house like this, you are using this method.
As baby gets older, you can take a favorite object you have introduced and do the next step. Place the object in front of your baby and ask her where an object is located-“Where’s the ball?” and then point to the ball yourself. Ask the question again and let your baby point to the ball this time. If baby can’t do this yet, go back to the first lesson- point to the ball and say “ball.” Try the pointing game another day.

Before you know it your baby will be pointing out different objects for you to name. Add different items to make the game more interesting, use just 2 or 3 objects so you don’t make the game overwhelming.
This was one of my babies favorite games to do before they could talk.

Kids Sew on a Button

Here are some suggestions to make sewing buttons easy and fun for kids:
You will need a flat, big button with only two holes, a big needle (I use a plastic, darning one) that will fit through the button holes and thick thread (embroidery floss or thin yarn) that contrasts with the button color, and a small square of felt. For beginners, I fasten the button with thin thread that is the same color as the button. Thread a needle, make a knot and show your child how to go in and out of the button holes. Many children can thread needles better than adults, so let them do this too! For older children, make an “X” on the middle of the felt-your child will put the button on the “X.” Hold down button with your thumb and sew.
Kids love this activity!

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