Montessori and the Benefit of Failure

It seems as though the word failure does not belong with Montessori’s theory of education. Part of the prepared environment is the opportunity to make small errors. Mistakes and failure are part of the control of error in the practical life and didactic materials. If a child does an activity and has made a mistake, the activity will show the mistake so the child can correct it.

Montessori used mistakes as a benefit to learning. If children, and even adults, can find their mistakes, they will learn from the opportunity of correcting it. Montessori students don’t have a fear of failure, it’s a way to learn.

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Preschool Milestones

This is a good overview for preschool activities & milestones. Montessori encourages following your child’s unique development and milestones can help you find appropriate activities for your child.

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Family Time

I like the idea of family drawing time. You can start with something as simple as paper and pencils for your next family activity. It’s wonderful to take time to relax and encourage each other’s beautiful creativity.

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Pumpkin Probability

Predicting Pumpkins has a great teaming project for math. science and cooking. The lesson has a predicting pumpkins printout. It’s a fun way to find out if a pumpkin has more or less seeds depending on its size. This is a Montessori type cooperative learning experience for almost any grade level.

Here are some more ideas.

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