Happy Tofurkey Day

I’m going to make a tofurkey on the grill this year, letting it slowly cook on the rotisserie, basting it with a mustard, lemon and honey dressing. I’m making rice pilaf, sweet potato pie and this dip and vegetables. For dessert we’re having our favorite pumpkin cheesecake with praline pecans.
Using vegan food is a great way to let your kids help with the entire Thanksgiving meal.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

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Sun Lesson Plan

This is a pdf download lesson plan about the sun for elementary to middle school level.
Here are some more links about the sun for ages preschool and above.

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Can Biomes Change?

Can Biomes change?

Changes in climate, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires and weather can change a biome. If an ecosystem can change, a biome can too.
I think that Mount St. Helen’s volcanic activity definitely changed
the ecosystem and even the physical structure of its surrounding area.
The blast zone was devastating.
Here is an interesting map showing the area before and after the blast.
Some of the insects, like the bees and grasshoppers were affected by the eruption. The ash is lethal for these insects.

Besides the volcanic eruption, one little caterpillar had an impact on Mont St Helen’s ecosystem.

Biomes can change in a profound way.