Birds in Your Backyard

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you watch birds. They are so fascinating for adults and kids. You can study bird songs as the seasons change. Springtime provides the greatest variety of mating calls.
Keep track of birds that visit your area.
Birds and Garden has several beautiful journal printouts for your observations.
Here is a site with lots of links for bird songs.
Happy bird watching!

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Create Your Own Science Olympiad

I’ve been running around buying sand, bolts, rulers, bits and pieces for our local Science Olympiad. If you don’t have a local event you can create your own Science Olympiad in your homeschooling classroom or Montessori classroom. Students can work collaboratively or individually.

Create your own hands-on projects with these engineering ideas.
Here are some more ideas.

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California Homeschooling Parents Jailed?

California judges have decided that parents who homeschool their children must have a teaching credential.
In fact, “non qualified” parents could possibly be sent to jail for violating the law.
Here is more information:

California court: Home school parents must have teaching credential
A state appellate court ruling that says parents must have a teaching credential to home school their children has rocked home schoolers throughout the Golden State, and many expect the decision to be appealed to the California Supreme Court.

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Crying Baby

I was asked what would Montessori do with a baby that awakens and cries all the time and won’t sleep through the night.
After checking to make sure your baby is well fed, dry,warm, comfortable and in good health, but still continues to cry, just pick up your baby and cuddle.
You can’t force a baby to sleep, but you can encourage your baby to feel secure enough to establish his or her own sleep cycle.

Some Montessori books make parents feel that they are doing something wrong if their babies don’t follow the “Montessori way.”
But every baby is different, some even like to be swaddled and jiggled. You just have to figure out what works best for you and your infant.

Don’t worry too much about lack of sleep, it is just preparing you for your child’s teen years!

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How to Draw

Crayola has a step by step illustration on to how to draw a horse. It uses ovals, circles and lines to make this an easy elementary lesson.
Here are instructions to draw a dog.
This uses large graph paper for drawing faces & portraits.

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