Keep Reading Out loud

Everyone knows you should read, sing and talk to your infant and preschooler. If your child has a problem reading, continue reading different types of literature and material to him. I read to my son until he was able to read fluently. This meant I was reading out loud to him until he was 9. Reading problems run on both sides of our family, especially for males.
Often late readers compensate is by hearing or audio learning. You can even provide audio books for your child.
Not being able to read well should not stop any child from learning. Keep reading to your child. I even learned lots about dinosaurs, physics, and the Binky Brothers!

It’s Easy Going Green

Andrew and Chris Ewert, who are college students, have adapted a Toyota Prius to get about 100 miles to the gallon. They converted their parents Prius sedan into a plug-in hybrid, and it only costs 35 cents of electricity to charge. Here is how they did this great project. Kudos to their innovation!

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You can use handwork ideas to study dinosaurs for preschool through grade school. Making dinosaur feet from boxes is always a favorite.
Using art to study dinosaurs can bring up questions, such as:
Did dinosaurs have feathers?
Were they bright in color?
What were their camouflage features?
What shape was a dinosaur egg?
It’s a great opportunity for research, creative story writing and dinosaur drama.

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