Family Stories

The holidays are a great time to find out about your family’s heritage. Seek out your older relatives and let them tell you about your family’s history. Ask about their parents and grandparents. Bring a tape recorder so you can remember the wonderful stories about your family.

My Oldemor (great grandmother) used to tell exciting and humorous stories about our ancestors to her grandchildren during the holidays. One of her favorite stories was about the Scottish side of the family that would visit her Norwegian family centuries ago. They would sail from the northern tip of Scotland to the natural harbor below the Norwegian family farm. The Scots would walk up the path to the farm bringing warm senggraut. Senggraut is literally translated as bed porridge. They must have been cooking the porridge on coals during the entire trip. The Norwegians thought this warm porridge was the ultimate of hospitality.

Every family has many great stories. Find out about your heritage this holiday season.

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