American Girl

I noticed the furniture, dishes and basically all items for American Girl dolls are very expensive. I’ve been going to the local thrift store lately to purchase some great bargains for these dolls. I purchased small, toy wicker chairs for less than two dollars. A solid oak jewelry dresser was the perfect size and style for a doll’s dresser, and it cost less than three dollars! Just use your imagination when looking for great deals for your child’s doll’s items.
You can find doll clothes too. Just hand wash and iron them to make them look new.

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Kids Recipes

Make a cookbook with your child this holiday season. Write down the simple recipes your child likes to cook with you. You can make a recipe box, a notebook with the recipes printed out or a handwritten one with pictures and illustrations.
This family cookbook for kids is something my children loved to do with me.

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Kids in the Kitchen

The holidays are here and it’s wonderful to spend time with your children.
Let your children help you in the kitchen and be a part of your family festivities.

Here are some simple things young children can do.
Slice the cranberry sauce
Scrub with a brush and water potatoes and carrots
Grate cheese
Pinch off bread crumbs from slices of bread
Crush crackers in a baggie with a rolling pin

Show your child how to do these activities.
Words are easier to understand with actions.

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