Practical Life- Cutting Bread

A simple practical life skill that you can do with bread from
different countries is to slice bread.
Cutting a piece of bread from a loaf can be done by preschool
children. Your will need:
A safe (not too sharp) serrated knife
Loaf of bread-french or baguette are usually easiest to cut.
A cutting board
Optional- topping to spread on bread
A plate for the cut bread

When cutting bread, it is sometimes easier if you place the bread on
its side. The side of the bread is usually stronger.

Place the bread on the cutting board. Firmly hold the middle of the
bread. About 2 inches from front of the bread slowly cut back and
forth until a slice is cut off. Put the bread on a plate and spread on
your favorite topping. I use a sponge and a small dust pan to sweep up
the cumbs from the cutting board. Put the board and bread away.
Let your child cut the bread next.

You can do an easier version by letting your child cut a piece of
bread in half, thirds, or fourths.
Also, you can use a cookie cutter to cut a shape from a piece of bread.

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