Montessori Farming

During the middle school years my son did organic “farming” in our backyard. He had free reign in the yard and also displayed his results on his web site. He not only did earth science, but math, engineering, writing, programing and web design. His biggest project was making and designing a pvc green house using architectural cad software.
He also composted with worms. They still winter in my garage!

We were in the beginning phases of a drought. He thought of this as an opportunity to change the vegetation in our yard. He studied xeriscaping for our local environment. We helped him replace the grass areas of the yard with native grass, buffalo and gramma grasses. His research found that our kentucky blue grass took much more water to keep it alive.
Our water bill is the lowest it has ever been, but we have a wonderful lawn and garden.

Children of any age love to grow plants. Even if you don’t have a garden area, grow herbs, lettuce and even small carrots in pots.

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