Montessori Dad

Montessori Dad

Practical life skills with dad are fun for both your child and dad. My children loved washing the car with their Dad.
He can show the kids how to squeeze out the excess water from a sponge, hose down the car in prep for washing, fill up the bucket with water, and scrub the car and dry it.
If your husband is handy in the workshop, he can guide his child how to saw and hammer wood.
Even a small child loves to screw and unscrew large nuts and bolts.
Your child can pick up nails and screws, hold a screw with pliers, screw and unscrew with a screw driver and sort nails and screws.
Whatever dad likes to do as a hobby or chore, he can introduce his child to some fun and different practical life skills.

Here are some more ideas:
Shoveling snow
Raking leaves
Planting a garden
Painting-a young child can paint with water instead of paint
Sweeping the sidewalk or driveway
Plumbing-changing a washer in the faucet
Changing batteries in a flashlight
Water play with plastic bottles, sieves, funnels in the bathtub which is a great introduction to pouring water.
Help to get ready for bed- show how to brush teeth, comb hair, and wash face.

Grandpa and uncles are great at doing this too!

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