Montessori Math

My son and I were discussing how the Montessori materials helped him understand concepts with his college Physical Electronics Class. One of his very bright classmates has a difficult time visualizing geometric shapes. My son asked me two basic questions his friend had difficulty understanding.
Question one-How many pieces of an orange would you have if you cut it in half once, took those pieces and cut them in half again, and lastly took those pieces and cut them in half. He thought it was pretty funny when I answered-8. (Montessori square roots using the bead stair extension.)
Next, he asked me if I remembered the extensions we did with the big pink cube and the square puzzle piece of the geometric cabinet? “Yes, I think so?” Okay, how may sides are there on a cube and how many sides are on the square? “Umm, 6 for the cube and 4 for the square.” Another laugh, and “that’s right mom.”
Montessori has a way of building math concepts that never fade.

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