Pueblo-Montessori Attitude

Southern Colorado is not noted for a narrow minded mentality. Pueblo School District 70, on the other hand, is having problems with the Montessori method of eduation. It’s not a teacher oriented approach, but an approach that is child oriented. The recent rejection of a charter Montessori school is a case in point. Superintendent Dan Lere’s concern that
“the perception that students attending Montessori schools do not perform as well on the Colorado Student Assessment Program exams” made my jaw drop!
The word “perception” is used instead of actual statistics for Montessori Schools’ CSAP scores!
It is true that Montessori schools do not teach for the test, but are there to help children learn. Charter schools are accountable by state law to test and have adequate performance. With this in mind, I wonder why District 70 is so anti Montessori? Is control the issue? Does it affect the politics of the schools and the administration?
Why not give your community the best and let others help make your students succeed.
Here are the Rye Elementary CSAP Scores.
Here you can compare the Boulder Community Montessori Elementary School to Rye Elementary School.
This site can also compare the Denver Denison Montessori Elementary School compared to Rye Elementary School.
It’s best to compare schools’ CSAP scores before making a judgment call. It’s the Montessori way.

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