Montessori and Order

Montessori noted that children like order. In fact, much of a child’s negative behavior comes from a change in the child’s attachment to order.
A case in point, a change in the family, such as a new baby, can turn the house upside down. The order of the household has changed radically with the arrival of baby. This change is usually greeted by trantrums, whining, clinging, and just plain unhappiness. In reality, the older child or children have to step aside and become more independent and accept a change in everyone’s relationship. Sometimes more than one change can make things even more chaotic.

Here are some things that may help-
Try to start changes to your child’s routine before the baby comes or the change happens.
Preschool is a big adjustment of letting go of mom and becoming more independent. It’s best to do this when there aren’t any other changes at home.
Try to toilet train and wean from the bottle before a new baby’s arrival. Regression is common, but starting something new and difficult will test everyone.
Try to keep routines as normal as possible.
Let changes you can control happen slowly and gradually.

When a child’s sense of order changes it helps understand that it takes time for him or her to understand and accept change.

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