Lost Boys

I watched “Raising Cain” last night with my son and husband. The concensus is that boys need support throughout childhood and young adulthood, especially from a father figure.
Here are some of the facts that still ring in my ears.
70 percent of all Ds and Fs are given to boys.
80 percent of inner city boys want to be NBA players, 80 percent of inner city girls want to be doctors or lawyers.
Boys fall into failure and the gang life when there is a absent father.
Boys mature slower than girls.
Most medication for hyperactivity is given to boys.
We medicate our boys more than any other country.

One of first things I noticed was the activity level of boys in a public grade school. Many “could not sit still.” I happened to look at the confining environment of books, paper and pencils. Where were the Montessori type manipulatives for math? I think if the activities were more hands on, the boys would be able to concentrate. I noticed some boys moved their bodies while learning, which I think is normal. Let them touch something and learn!

One of the magnet schools was for boys only. I noticed there was a small trampoline in the classroom! I was impressed. Movement seems to be so much more important for boys. Also, the students were in large, roomy classrooms with real learning activities. Since the school was totally a male environment with male teachers and principal, I noticed the students were very relaxed, supportive and happy. It was wonderful to see a bright spot in this documentary film.

The show hinted that public schools were mostly female run institutions. I’ve heard teachers complain they have a “bad” class because they had so many boys!
Dr Helen’s Blog says it profoundly,
“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a son struggling in school,”

The first homeschooling parents I met 25 years ago were parents of sons. Their sons were having trouble in school academically and socially. After taking them out of school, they told me that their sons became the wonderful people they used to be, they had found their sons again.

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