The language of math

Both of my children are adults now. They were homeschooled with Montessori materials and lessons since they were babies. I have to say that my children had their own ideas of how to use the material after I introduced it to them! My former students were not as assertive as my own children! It was really a good experience for me, because they were blunt about how they felt about some of the lessons. It helped me to be more open minded.

Both my daughter and son loved the math materials. They gravitated towards math, even in college. My son is attending the local university as a computer science and math major. He tells me that the Montessori math made it very easy for him to understand programming languages. In fact, he said the snake game is just another type of computer language. Who would think that 100 years ago Montessori was preparing our children for the world of computers?

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