Montessori Baby Environment

Montessori was very interested how different cultures treated their babies. She was fascinated by massaging babies, babies failure to thrive in orphanages, and modern hospital care verses home care for birthing. Overall, you need to observe your baby to find out what is best for him or her. It’s important for a baby to touch and feel his/her environment. This is the first step for cognitive learning. Wide Open on the Mommybahn has some very interesting Montessori ideas for the Montessori baby environment. I provided mirrors for my older babies. There is a stage when they can recognize themselves with great delight. It really doesn’t cause confusion, like it would for a dog. Also, we held our babies, but when we went out I used slings and backpacks. My babies loved them. Many cultures use slings, other use backpacks or baby strollers. I don’t think they are harmful. In fact these items provide a safe place to observe the world.

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