Alzheimers and Montessori

Research demonstrates the “wake up power” of breakthrough interactive book for Alzheimer’s patients. Glued in “touchable objects,” bright pictures, large print stimulate mind, emotion, and spirituality. New, interactive product based on proven Montessori methods.”

My friend Bunny volunteers with alzheimer’s patients at the local VA hospital. It is interesting that much of the work involves sensorial type activities, such as the patients rubbing lotion on their hands. Also, they do simple handwork activities. Everything is hands on and interactive. Bunny told me that these activities awaken the patients. They start to talk and socially interact after the sessions.
It’s amazing how much the mind and hand work together even as we age. Montessori talked about the spiritual connection between the mind and hand in young children. It’s interesting that this spiritual connection still exists in adults.

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