Toddlers and Babies

Toddlers and Babies love boxes with lids with their favorite goodies inside. Anything that involves your child’s five senses, smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing will help develop his or her cognitive skills for later learning. Math and reading readiness starts at this tender age. Also, this activity helps develop small motor skills.

I like to use a hatbox or a box with a lid and put in the following items.
Make sure anything you put in is safe, especially for choking. Also, make sure small parts can not be taken off any of the objects. Keep the objects safe and age appropriate for your child.

This activity works well for a baby that can sit up. Put the box next to your child and show how to take out the fun items. Make this more challenging for toddlers by using different items, such as different size balls, items that are all the same color, and any other items that interest your child.

Here are some ideas-use the items that would be safe for your baby’s age
1. Nesting measuring cups
2. Measuring spoons
3. Wooden spoons
4. Rubber spatulas
5. Mirror
6. Plastic bracelets
7. Small clean hair brush
8. Comb
9. Tooth brush
10. Old remote control with batteries taken out
11. Wash cloth or different textured cloths (make sure they are big enough)
12. Small purse or wallet-empty
13. Balls-tennis or baseball
14. Clean rocks (big enough so they can’t fit them in their mouth)
15. Small stuffed animals
16. Noise makers-such as rattles
17. Plastic baby keys on a ring
18. Plastic containers with tops-clean yogurt containers
19. Large thread spools (empty)
20. Well sewn bags of potpourri
21. Tin foil pie or bread pans
22. Rubber dog bone-my baby would always go for the dog’s rubber bone, so I had to purchase one for
23. Teething ring
24. Largest wooden bead necklace, made and tied together.
25. Silver egg cup
26. Baby spoon
27. Solid clothes peg(without hinges)
28. Small stainless steel mixing bowl
29. Several clear, plastic jars with items inside. Make sure the screw top fits securely.
You can put in cereal, blocks, colored paper, pasta, etc. Your baby will love shaking the jars to
make sounds
30. Puppet

As my babies grew, I used other items in the box. My children loved any kind of safe paper products, including tubes, small boxes, large sheets of paper, etc. Also, I put a biscuit or dry cereal in a plastic yogurt container with the top loosely put on. They loved opening it and taking out the goodies to eat. My daughter loved her baby box items put in an old handbag.

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