Culture-Land and Water Cards

 Montessorimom has great printables (free) of landform and water cards. Also, check out the definition cards for landforms and water.
Place the picture on top, such as an isthmus with the label “isthums” below the picture. Below the card and label, place the definition card (An isthmus is a narrow neck or strip of land where two larger sections of land are connected.)
Here are a few more of the first definitions we introduced-
A strait is a narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water.
A peninsula is a long, narrow neck of land extending into the water.
A gulf is a long, narrow inlet of water that extends into the land.
An island is a small piece of land surrounded completly by water.
A lake is a body of water surrounded by land. (Sometimes a child will immediately tell you that it is the opposite definition of an island!)

Take out the three different cards and place in proper order, one at a time. Read the definition to your child. If they can read it, great! Continue with the other landforms and water definitions.
Let your child do the exercise.
Here are some more ideas for Montessori culture & geography.

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