Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

One of the sections from Einstein Never Used Flashcards : How Our Children Really Learn–and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less by Drs. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Glinkoff brings to mind the Montessori prepared environment for preschool children. Like Montessori, they talk about making an enriching environment that is familiar to a preschool child. If you take a journey to the mini worlds in your own backyard, you don’t need the confusion of theme parks or exotic vacations. I know my children loved identifying birds to their birdsong and studying insects in the garden. My son watched ant hills with their constant activity for hours. One of the best things you can give your preschool child is quiet time to study and explore his or her world. There is no place like home for a young child.

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