Stand By Your Child

School started today. A large part of our public school system uses labels for our children. It has to be done to have the special help that many children need, but at what cost? I tutored in special ed for several years. and used to talk to the head of the special ed program about labels, such as emotionally disturbed-EBD, ADHD, ADDA, dyslexia, and more new labels than I ever knew existed. I didn’t see any major difference between these children verses non-labeled children. In fact, the approach in the classroom was probably the real problem. Can’t help it, it’s my Montessori training.

The special ed teacher did agree that the labels were harmfu, but necessary for state and federal funding. In fact, she admitted to me that most children in special education programs get worse instead of better. I remember working with sad and defeated students who had lost that inner light and joy of learning. They seemed doomed to fail. I don’t think this is what mainsteaming had in mind.

If your child has special needs, here are some things to consider.
Ask to see data to confirm that the special programs do indeed help.
Seek help from your family physician.
Be an advocate for your child.
Ask to observe the teacher in his or her classroom.
Volunteer as a parent tutor or helper.
Don’t let someone make you feel guilty about what you think is right for your child.
Parents really know what is best for their children.
Have confidence in your child and yourself!
Most of all, stand by your child do what is best for him or her.

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