Introducing Nouns

One way to introduce nouns is to print noun cards with words that are in your classroom or home,
words such as pen, floor, wall, door, chalk,rug, paper, crayon, pencil, table, chair-any noun in your environment. You can use black ink or marker on note cards.
Also write out the word “noun” on a different colored card.

I usually introduce 3 to 5 words.
I tell my child that these words are called nouns.
Take a word, such as a “pen”. Ask your child to point to the pen.
Take the word and put on a pile.
Do the rest of the group of words.
Let your child put label card by the objects if he or she want to.
When you are finished with this project, put the words in a box with the noun card on top of the pile of cards.
You and your child can make more noun cards together.

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