What is an adjective

An adjective tells you something about a noun.
The first adjectives I usually introduce are colors, such as red, yellow, blue, white, green, purple, black, and brown.
Write one adjective on each note card. Highlight around the card with a blue marker, ink or crayon. Make a card with “adjective” written on it-keep the card unhighlighted.
Tell your child you are going use the noun cards with something new, an adjective. Explain what an adjective does.
Use your noun cards of classroom or home items and new adjective cards to make phrases-
Here are some examples-
white chalk
red pencil
blue rug
yellow crayon
green paper

Let your child put the descriptive phrases by the objects.
Put away the noun cards back in their box with the noun card on top. Put the adjectives in their box with adjective card on the top.

Keep adding words to your Montessori grammar boxes.

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