Montessori and Homeschooling

My only regret in homeschooling my children is that I didn’t do it sooner! My Montessori training taught me that homeschooling in a Montessori type environement was not possible. I know now that I was wrong to believe that. Home school may be different from the Montessori school environment, but I think it works very well! My oldest daughter really taught me that letting children learn outside the public school system helps them to succeed and become happy people!
I needed to listen to my heart and not my programed head! I suffered from worry and fear, about not doing the right thing. Finally, I figured out doing the right thing was letting my children go to become themselves.

Here is a good quote from a homeschooling blog (which is very Montessori) that is similar to my experience-

“Homeschooling was most difficult when I was trying to reproduce school at home. When I was bent on shaping and forming my children through critiquing and amending their behavior and knowledge, we were not happy. When I decided that my role was to assist them to grow into whoever they wanted to be, interpret the world for them, expose them to as much as possible and be their partner in life — that’s when homeschooling got fun and interesting!”

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