Miss Child & the Pink Tower

I think I was in one of the last classes Miss Child taught at the St. Nicholas Training Centre for the Montesstori Method of Education in London, England. The Centre was located on Princess Gate, next to the Iranian Embassy. I used to wake up to horses hoofs hitting the cobble stone strees coming out of the stables in the Hyde Park area. The Centre, a beautiful building, was slowly being restored in keeping with its era features and architecture. Most of all, I loved the quiet solitude of the beautiful English garden in the courtyard that was lovingly cared for by Miss Homfray.

One day Miss Child was discussing about the smalllest cube of the pink tower, how children loved to put it in their pockets and take it home with them. She said Miss Homfray had a little boy who always would put the smallest pink cube in his pocket and take it home. Finally, she became so weary of this daily event that she made the little boy pull out his pockets to show her that they were empty.
She chuckled and said Maria Montessori would not have approved of this little ritual, but it didn’t seem to upset the boy. In fact, he would show Miss Homfray his empty pockets before he left every day without being asked!

I guess why I still remember this story is that we don’t always do things the “perfect Montessori way.” I still know that after all these years I’m still a work in progress.

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