Montessori Preschool & Homework

I sometimes get interesting mail from my web site. This last one makes me wonder if Montessori is being used as a “hotbed” to produce children of superior academic skills? I was told a Montessori preschool required children to do “homework.” Yikes! Pusihng a pencil over a paper each night for 3 and 4 year olds is definitely taboo. Work should not be done unless it is within a meaningful context of a prepared environment and lesson. Also, a preschooler should not be forced to do an activity when he or she is not ready.

The number one rule we give preschool parents is -“You cannot work on academics with your child at home. You can only do fun, bonding, family activities!”
Of course, parents should read to their kids, cook and play games with them, but when school is out, it is play time.
Parents can do fun counting games, measuring ingrediants for cooking, art, and anything that interests their child.
I know parents don’t want to work on their job at home either. It is just a horrible stressful situation for a young child.

Even homeschooled kids don’t work all day. Our work period was only 3 hours a day, and if my children wanted to continue, I let them. The children were in charge of continuing, not me.

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