Imagination & Montessori

I found another interesting article written by Maren Schmidt, a Montessori teacher, about imagination.
Her definition is-
“Imagination is the ability to visualize something that is not physically present.”
She goes on to explain the preschool years in this way-

The imagining mind of the child younger than six years needs to be nurtured and protected. We need to protect the child from hurtful and violent incidents, real or makebelieve. The child needs accurate experiences and correct language to nourish imagination. We need to offer games, like “ What’s missing” to help the child learn to visualize things that are not physically present.
A vivid and accurate imagination will help our children design and create a marvelous life with the resources they have available.

Basically there is good imagination and bad imagaination. I like how Maren Schmidt encourages adults to protect a child’s imagination.

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