The Anthropology of Writing & Drawing

We’ve been writing and drawing lately. It seems almost sad that after a certain age we quit drawing, and even writing ! I think that we give way to the rigors of writing and drawing, so much so that we loose our desire to draw and write. We usually quit drawing around the age of adolescence.

Maria Montessoir believed we should study those who write or draw to find out the science of the human writing, not have the method of writing dictate how the human should write.
In the Montessori Method she states:

Let us observe an individual who is writing, and let us seek to analyse the acts he performs in writing,” that is, the mechanical operations which enter into the execution of writing. This would be undertaking the philosophical study of writing, and it goes without saying that we should examine the individual who writes, not the writing; the subject, not the object. Many have begun with the object, examining the writing, and in this way many methods have been constructed.

But a method starting from the individual would be decidedly original–very different from other methods which preceded it. It would indeed signify a new era in writing, based upon anthropology.

A good book to get you back to drawing again is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It has activities and insight on how the creative process works.

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