Baby’s First Blocks

Here is a free pattern for making cloth baby blocks. I like the idea of using different textures! If you want to make the blocks “more Montessori” make them plain with uniform colors without letters or numbers. My kids had some homemade ones made from pink gingham. They were one of their favorite toys! They played with them for long periods of time developing their concentration and sense of order.

When my baby was about 8 months old, I gave her one block to hold and study. Next time, I would add the second block and slowly show how to stack 2 blocks using both my hands to grasp each block. I added the third one when she could stack the 2 blocks. By doing this a little bit at a time, the blocks were a very fun and interesting activity.
Moving from simple to more complex activities is the basis of Montessori’s method. Stacking blocks helps develop motor skills, visual-spatial relationships and sensory skills.

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