Montessori and toddler discipline

I was recently asked how to discipline a 14 month old using Montessori’s theory. Here are some ideas about what to do.

Montessori discipline evolves into an internal discipline. Of course, a 14 month old is not there yet! Discipline in a child starts when he or she develops a sense of order, sef-care, manners, & care of the environment. This is learned by doing practical life skills-here are some ideas, links and pictures- Using hands in a constructive and meaningful is the beginning of discipline.

At this age, I redirected my children and try to keep them out of tempting situations-like running around in a china shop!
By keeping the environment as kid friendly as possible, you have less discipline problems. Micheal Olaf has some good suggestions about discipline too.

Starryskyranch has some great ideas-There’s nothing like a mom’s wisdom!

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