Susan B Anthony-Time to Vote

When you think how long it has taken women to get the right to vote, it would be a shame not to vote. Parenting includes showing your child that you are interested in the political process of voting. Take your kids to vote with you. With all the talk about the election, give them a concrete understanding of the voting process
If you are homeschooling, this would be easy to do since you don’t have to take your kids out of school.

I lived in Rochester, New York for several years and I was impressed by its history of the Woman’s Suffrage movement. Visiting Susan B. Anthony’s humble home was inspiring. She was an ordinary woman who helped change the role of women in America. Susan B Anthony was a shaker and a mover like Dr. Maria Montessori.

Women got the right to vote in the United States in 1920. My husband’s grandmother was part of the last temperance and right to vote movement in Rochester. She was a 4 foot 10 dynamo who believed in the rights of women. When I don’t feel like voting, I think of the physical and social sacrifice of these brave women. It makes me get up and vote.

Here is a great link about Susan B Anthony and her home in Rochester, New York.

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