Computers in a Montessori Classroom

TJ Leone of Northwest University has written an interesting article, Montessori Classroom Culture and Effective Use of Computers in School. He writes,

…the logistics of the Montessori classroom seemed to lend itself to effective use of computers. The fact that
Montessori kids are free to work independently, either alone or in small groups, means that
some kids could be off working on a small number of computers at any time of day without
disrupting the normal flow of classroom activities. Also, part of the work of the
Montessori teacher is to evaluate didactic instruments to see how well they support
learning, so I was interested in hearing what Montessori teachers had to say about computers in the classroom.

What age you introduce computers to your children is controversial. Rules for computer use is very important. You need to set standards of safety, time and place for kids using the internet. I know some Montessori schools don’t introduce computers to kids until they are six. I let my children do some computer programs during preschool and it seemed to work out great for us.
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