Montessori Method in India

This article has some interesting insight to Montessori’s education influence in India. She spent a great deal of time in India during World War II, and was temporarily imprisoned there as an Italian citizen by English officials. A large part of my studies were about Montessori’s fascination with infants and young children and their interplay within a loving family environment. She was one of the first people who noticed that babies and young children in institutions often exhibited a failure to thrive. Her stay in India during the war made it possible for her to study of young children.

She had always wanted to focus on this younger age group but never had the opportunity before. She found it highly exciting and advantageous to study infants in Indian families since they were at the center of attention.

Montessori was favorably impressed by the love and attention babies in third world countries received. I think much of the modern Montessori infant movement has lost this important point. Instead of worrying about not using strollers, baby packs, slings, cribs, and toys, I think we need to focus on enjoying and loving our babies and children.

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