Airline Travel

I got up at 4 a.m. this morning to take my 82 year old mother to the airport to catch a flight to San Francisco. I thought a direct flight would eliminate any problems. The plane left the gate at 6 a.m. and turned around 20 minutes later because of mechanical problems. After a 2 hour delay, the airline decided to reroute everyone. So I called my brother, who was going to pick mom up that morning in San Francisco, and told him the flight and time were changed.

A few minutes ago I received another call explaining that the airline had “found another plane” and mom left from our hometown after all. Of course, everyone was rushed onto the airplane and we found out was going on after she landed in San Francisco three hours later than the original flight. In the end everything turned out fine.

Air travel is getting more chaotic. I feel compassion for parents traveling with children when flights are delayed, or even canceled. It’s hard enough for adults, but kids seem to need extra tender loving care when this happens. If you pack extra snacks, games, books and buy bottled water after you go through security, your children will be much happier. Make travel delays a time for family fun, and your children won’t even notice the hassle.
Hope everyone has a great summer traveling.

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