Listening and Speaking Vocabualry

When learning a language, as a child or adult, understanding what is being said is the first step to learning a new language. Speaking fluently occurs next.
Babies and toddlers listening skills are much more developed than their speaking vocabulary
This means you can read books that exceed your child’s ability to speak. I read simple chapter books to my children when they were 4 or 5 years old.

Encourage oral language by having your child tell you about their drawing, their toys, favorite food and anything else that interests them.
If you have a video camera, let them perform and speak before the camera.

First Language Experiences

Auditory language is an important experience for babies and young children. Keeping spoken language and music beautiful and positive is important during this phase when your child’s mind absorbs everything in the environment. Language and media in your home should be rated G for good.
Sing, read and talk with pleasure and love.

Here are some free books and suggestions for reading with your child.

Nomenclature Cards

Nomenclature cards are first introduced in the preschool level. The more you introduce these picture cards and objects, the better it is for your students language and reading readiness.

Start by naming objects in the classroom or home. Like introducing new words to an infant, Montessori continued to introduce words by naming new objects for older children.
Begin by collecting familiar objects with matching pictures to name and match. You can introduce new concepts with nomenclature cards too.

Here is an example of free nomenclature cards. You can match crayons to the correct color printouts.

These color printouts are available in English and Spanish.

Waldo Fire

It’s been a rough week for Colorado Springs. About 347 homes burned Tuesday night. We have had people staying with us who have been under mandatory evacuation for the affected neighborhoods. It has been very stressful time for them wondering if their home survived this fire storm.

The community has pulled together to help the survivors and the firefighters have done an amazing job. I feel blessed to live in such a wonderful community.

Wishing a brighter future for everyone.


I happened to catch the Real Housewives of New Jersey this last week. I observed a beautiful young girl, Gia, kicked around in a very sad situation.

Gia, who is 10, noticed her uncle cheated during a family game and became visibly upset. Instead of honestly talking to Gia, her mother’s friends tried to discipline ¬†and belittle her about being disrespectful and a bad sport. Truly, Gia was acting up because of the underlying tension of the adults

Gia is a bright little girl who understands the concepts of right and wrong and a loving adult could have resolved the issue by respectfully talking to her.

Color Lessons and Games

Montessori used color recognition to help prepare children for later learning. Knowing colors helps categorize information which prepares your child’s thinking process for reading and mathematics. The difference between colors helps children discern how objects are alike, similar or different. These concepts are used for learning reading and math.
Check out more free activities.

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Montessori and Ikea

I spent Friday walking around Ikea. I love the children’s area.
Furniture, tables, chairs, work areas and storage units are perfectly built for children.
You could furnish a preschool, play area or bedroom with these beautifully designed items made just for young children. Ikea is always budge friendly.

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