Family Moon Watching Activity

It’s always a great time to observe the moon. It is a perfect time to enjoy the evening with your family and chart the moon’s changing phases on your own lunar calendar.   Check out the free moon and calendar printouts at I am having a great time making my own lunar calendar!

Moon Calendar


Spatial Language

Young children learn how to recognize patterns, sizes and shapes visually. The sequence of sizes, shapes and patterns in a series is important for reading and mathematical skills. Some work that helps develop visual language are matching pictures according to size and pattern, memory matching games, stringing beads, hand work,  painting and drawing. As in most Montessori lessons it is important to work from left to right or according to the pattern of reading in your culture.


Latitude Longitude Location and Weather

Every place in the world has unique weather. What type of weather you experience depends where you live.  The equator tends to be warm, the poles tend to be cold and where you live it can be combination of cold and warm weather.

The warm air moves from the equator toward the poles and the colder air from the poles moves toward the equator. When these two different types of air masses meet different weather occurs where you live.

Check out more about longitude and latitude at