Plankton to the Rescue

Phytoplankton, or micro algae, usually blooms only once a year in the Arctic. Now it is blooming in the fall too. Phytoplankton is plant based and uses carbon dioxide in its photosynthesis. The Antarctic South Sea is also absorbing more carbon dioxide than previously thought.  According to NASA, carbon dioxide is a moving, long term force in climate change. This new information about the Polar regions absorbing more carbon dioxide brings a new element in the challenges of climate change.

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Sorting Sizes and Math

Visual perception of small and large objects is the first step in math readiness.
Sorting objects from smallest to largest is a great way to introduce the first steps of math. Use different sized balls or other items to put in order of size. When you introduce this use as few words as possible. Next let your child have a turn. You can teach vocabulary after your child has mastered this activity.

Use the printouts from Sorting from Smallest to Largest for the next step in your child’s mathematical development.