Montessori Normalization

A normalized child sounds rather strange at first glance but it is one of the main building blocks of Montessori education. Here is my interpretation of the definition and philosophy of normalization.

Montessori believed that the right environment normalized children. A prepared environment that allowed children to be independent and learn freely helped achieve this goal. In the Montessori school where I taught we noticed that most children took about 6 to 8 weeks to normalize to the routine of school, the rules and work. This normalization process in a nurturing classroom helps a child to develop without the negative influences of the world we sometimes live in. After awhile Montessori noticed that  children developed a joy of learning, which motivated normal behavior as well. Because everything was “hands on” in the Montessori classroom, the children learned to use their senses in a cognitive way. In essence, work with the equipment and materials made the child whole and well. By using their hands, Montessori noticed that the children could integrate information better and think more clearly. This process normalized the child.