Sorting Sizes and Math

Visual perception of small and large objects is the first step in math readiness.
Sorting objects from smallest to largest is a great way to introduce the first steps of math. Use different sized balls or other items to put in order of size. When you introduce this use as few words as possible. Next let your child have a turn. You can teach vocabulary after your child has mastered this activity.

Use the printouts from Sorting from Smallest to Largest for the next step in your child’s mathematical development.

Spatial Language

Young children learn how to recognize patterns, sizes and shapes visually. The sequence of sizes, shapes and patterns in a series is important for reading and mathematical skills. Some work that helps develop visual language are matching pictures according to size and pattern, memory matching games, stringing beads, hand work,  painting and drawing. As in most Montessori lessons it is important to work from left to right or according to the pattern of reading in your culture.