How to peel a carrot

Montessori introduced practical life skills to very young preschool children. It’s easy to incorporate these skills by observing your child’s role in family activities. One of my children’s favoritie activities was to peel a carrot. Here is how to show your child this activity.

You will need:
a basin with water
a vegetable brush-I use a new tooth brush
vegetable peeler or butter knife
paper towel

1. Take the carrots from the refrigerator and take out a carrot from the bag. If you have a garden, pull a carrot out and brush off the dirt with a brush.

2. Fill a bowl with water and put at your work area.

2. Sit at a talbe or work area facing your child.

3. Grip the carrot with one hand and with the other hand pick up a vegetable brush.

4.Dip the carrot in the water and gently scrub each side of the carrot.

5. Put the carrot on a towel

6. Put away the brush . Empty out the basin and put it away.

7. Carefully wipe off the carrot and use the paper towel to place the carrot peelings.

8. Take the butter knife (or vegetable peeler) and slowly scrape carrot away from your body. Rotate the carrot to peel each side. Turn the carrot around and do the other side.

9. Cut or break in half and share it with a friend.

10. Put the carrot scraps in the compost pile.

Your child will provide your family with lots of peeled carrots!

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