Plastic Egg Reading Game

Plastic Easter Eggs are in abundance this time of year. For these games get the large plastic eggs at your local craft, dollar or superstore.

You will need:
6 or more plastic eggs
6 or more objects (Plastic ones from a discount or dollar store are great for this.)
Pictures of the objects
Containers for the eggs and pictures

Put an object in each plastic egg, put the eggs in a basket. In a container or basket have the pictures of each object. Show your child how to spread out the pictures in a column. Show your child how to open the egg and take out the object. Let your child match the object to the picture.
Control of Error:
The last picture and object won’t match.

Put the game in the baskets or containers and put it away on a shelf.

Advanced game:1
Write down the name of the object and put one word in each egg.
Let your child match it to the actual object and/or picture.

Advanced game: 2
Put an object in each egg.
Let your child spell the word on paper or with the moveable alphabet.

ABC teach directory has
a good printout of pictures/words for this activity. Click on Sample: Doulch Noun Sample Picture Flashcards.
You can glue pictues from magazines or clip art on card stock, poster board, or heavy construction paper.
Use stickers placed on note cards for a quick picture card.

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