Why does my child bite other children?

Why does my child bite other children?
This is a commom problem for toddlers, but older preschool children sometimes have a problem with this too.

I know that this can be really embarrassing for parents. Many times the child who bites is the victim and not the aggressor. A child who is being overpowered by other children physically often times bites in self-defense.
Also, when language is delayed a child may bite out of frustration. Lastly, children teach each other to bite.

The best thing to do is to absolutely forbid biting. If your child is being bullied you may want to talk to the teacher, send your child to karate, or if there’s lack or supervision, change schools. Often times children bite because they have difficulty expressing themselves. You can help them express themselves. Phrases such as “I don’t want you to do that”, “I don’t want to play right now”, or any “I” message will help empower you child. He or she won’t feel the need to bite.

Sometimes children, especially older preschoolers, just feel like chewing or biting. Biting and chewing waxed lips, sugar free gum, or even a mouth guard can help with the desire to chew or bite.

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