Miss Child

During my Montessori training, Miss Child used to tell us the most interesting stories. After the war, she and Miss Homfray would take their knitting needles to government agencies and wait hours on end, days on end to start the St. Nicolas Training Centre for the Montessori Method of Education. What strikes me about these ladies was their sincere desire to help the world using Montessori’s philosophy and methods for education. They were so generous with their time, motivation and knowledge. Miss Child didn’t think it should cost people dearly to be a certified teacher or to run a Montessori school. She believed Montessori was for everyone.
This article brings tears to my eyes, “Margaret Homfray died on March 7 this year [1996] aged 88. She shares a grave with Phoebe Child her companion in her life’s work.” These two ladies did indeed change the world for the better. They changed mine!

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