Fantasy and The Free Game

Children don’t need action figures, ponies, and fantasy toys to play creatively.
Dr. Mario M. Montessori explains that simple, undefined items are best for a child’s fantasy play-
“The less the materials are complicated, organized, or linked to specific differentiations, the more appropriate they are for the goal. Therefore, clay, sand, water, little pebbles, colors, paper (preferably in large sheets) paints, and so on provide excellent opportunities for playing free games, when fantasy is uppermost in the child’s play.”

For example, did you ever buy your baby or preschooler a big gift that came in a box? Did you notice they liked the box better than the toy?
My children always seemed to enjoy the box more than the toy!
Children in the age of fantasy play would appreciate a big box to play in. They love to play fantasy games with just basic , plain materials.

One of the best toys you can buy your child are art materials. I purchased bolts of newsprint paper to tape on the floor,tables or walls for my children paint, draw or color on. Simple painting ideas can make the activity even more fun.
As my chldren got older, they loved using recycled art supplies to make junk yard art.

Art supplies, the sand box, shells on the beach, pebbles on the path, water play in the bath tub, boxes and plastic tubs, all help foster fantasy play for young children.

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